When Leadership Isn’t Consistent

Many of us have had the experience of dealing with an inconsistent leader. It is frustrating to say the least. In our last post, we looked at developing consistency in ourselves and organizations. In this post we will look at how to deal with a leader or organization that is inconsistent. Too often we think … Continue reading When Leadership Isn’t Consistent

Be Consistent

Consistency. When it comes to building brand trust, I'm not sure there is a more important concept than consistency. How many times have you heard someone mention that a business used to be great, but just isn't the same anymore? There was a restaurant near us that had good food, but terribly inconsistent service. It's … Continue reading Be Consistent

Upcoming Content

Several days ago, I asked on Social Media for input on possible future content ideas for this blog on leadership. The response was great! So many ideas and thoughts and questions came in. I will take time and start developing these and putting the content together. We will start right off and every week hit … Continue reading Upcoming Content

Does it matter?

That is a good question. In fact, for many people it might be THE question. Does what you are doing matter? Corporations spend huge amounts of time and money studying and improving efficiency. However, becoming more efficient might not be the key to a better bottom line. If you are the best and most efficient … Continue reading Does it matter?