Random Musings

I am feeling a bit random today. Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s just me being me, but here are some thoughts bouncing around in my mind.

It’s snowing hard right now, but only sticking a bit. Supposed to get more tonight. White Thanksgiving? Just makes the time inside with family more cozy.

If we do get a few inches of snow tonight, the girls want to play outside and sled tomorrow. I’m sure we will.

Been checking out the ski resorts, they are getting some good natural snow. I would love to head up for opening weekend on Friday or Saturday, but it will probably have to wait.

Great offensive explosion last night in the Saints/Packers game. I can’t believe the Saints pulled out such a decisive win in that fashion with Reggie Bush on the sidelines and not in uniform.

Can’t wait until Thursday. I can almost taste the turkey and gravy now.

Watching the news this morning made me want to scream. Why won’t the government take the common sense approach to all of this that Americans have to every day. Spend less than comes in and the crisis will work itself out. Same goes for the automakers and banks. Ridiculous.

My daughter’s second grade class had a little Thanksgiving presentation in their class this morning. It was cute. Of course, I think she stole the show. So does she.

I started packing up some books and things in my office yesterday. I will be in Columbus the first of next week and am going to take a load up with me. I’m not a big fan of packing. The good of it is that I go through things and thin out what I don’t need or is outdated.

I think I finally figured out what to get my wife for Christmas. She is not the easiest person to shop for.

I can’t wait to get over this cold, it is driving me bonkers.

Spoke with a friend who pastors a church outside Cleveland. They had a total God experience at their church on Sunday. Awesome! I love hearing the great things God does!

I’m really getting into this Twitter thing. Even Facebook has become a regular part of my routine throughout the day. I’m connecting with people that we haven’t in years. Pretty cool.

I’m going to an Apple Computer store Monday; I’ll have to try not to go overboard! :o)

That’s it. Gotta go brave the snow to deliver some tables a nursing home is borrowing from us.

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