Thanksgiving Eve

My daughter’s didn’t have school today and yet were still up at 6:30 am. All morning they have been drawing Thanksgiving pictures and are making a banner for their grandparents who are coming up later today.

The news was on and one of them heard someone use the term pre-Thanksgiving. My daughter’s response was, “It’s not pre-Thanksgiving, it’s Thanksgiving Eve.”

While today is not commonly referred to in that way and it definitely does not get the attention as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, it is still an important day. It’s preparation day.

Like most people, we set out the turkey this morning to get it ready to be roasted tomorrow. Tonight, my wife and mother-in-law will begin preparing dough and potatoes and stuffing and all kinds of other things. The kitchen will be organized and the refrigerator stuffed like the turkey. Time and energy will be expended to put everything in place for tomorrow. Today is one of the busiest shopping days for grocery stores. It is also the busiest travel day of the year. People are getting ready for tomorrow.

Why all the fuss and preparation? Because it is a day we have been anticipating and we don’t want to miss out. I believe there is a spiritual principle that can be applied here. We are on the eve of some of the most spectacular spiritual things in history. Just around the corner is a great move of God as He pours out His Spirit in unprecedented ways. Are we truly anticipating what God has in store? Are we making the preparations? Are we positioning ourselves so that we don’t miss out?

Just a little food for thought.

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