Randomness Again

Just a few random whatevers as I sit here in my leather chair.

Because we are moving in a couple of weeks, Elena is not covering the house top to bottom with Christmas decorations. In fact, she isn’t even putting up our big tree. (Tomorrow, I’ll post a photo of the tree we are using this year.) I am shocked. Who is this person and what did she do with my wife? Please understand, I’m not complaining, this is all less work for me and the tree we are using was the girls’ idea, so they are fine. I just am amazed at the restraint and practicality Elena is showing toward this issue. Christmas decorating is one of her favorite things.

Had a great trip to Columbus the last couple of days. I am so looking forward to what God has in store.

Speaking of being in Columbus – Panera Bread’s chicken tortilla soup absolutely rocks!

Got to spend some time yesterday with one of my former students. She is now an RN living in Columbus right around the corner from Capital City. Cool.

Still trying to wade through the mounds of paper in my office as I prepare everything here for the transition.

When will the NCAA stop letting outside businesses dictate what is going on in college football and finally institute a REAL playoff? Dan Wetzel writes a fantastic article on this. Here.

I am an Alabama fan this weekend. No way do I want to see Florida anywhere near the title!

Hopefully I’ll get to go skiing in a couple of weeks.

Paper or plastic? One of those great dilemmas of life that plagues us all. :o)

I know we are technically and actually in a recession, but Americans did spend 11 billion dollars on Friday. That’s up 3% from last year. Not stellar growth, but it is growth. Point is, seems the problem is on the government end along with a few morons at the top of some of the laregst companies. I don’t have the answers, that is for sure, but is more debt the answer to solve what really is a crisis of debt and fueled by debt?

It is 11:11 right now. Looks funny on the clock on our cable box.

Good night.

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