Dear Lord

I am amazed by you! Your love, Your faithfulness, Your patience.

You take us from the depths of ourselves and raise us to the heights of You. You give us life worth living. You grant us possibilities of what is yet to come.

You are God. You are my God. Personal, true, real, present.

Move us, move me, from the place of status quo and stagnation. Move us past relying on what was and even trusting what is to a state of believing what could be, what will be in the grand design of You.

You are God. That is all I need know. You have the future in the palm of your hand. You have the details worked out. You alone know what is best.

You are God.

Send forth Your people, send us into the possibilities that You have laid out in front of us that others may also know that You are God. Let us go into the everyday mundane and bring the divine of You. May we be the answers to the prayers of others who are asking that someone go to their loved one. May we become the answer to the prayer that there would be more workers bringing in the harvest.

Thank you for the privilege of Your presence. Thank you for the awesome gift of being Your ambassador, Your voice to those around us. Help us to proclaim the message that You are God.

In Jesus’ Name

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