Monday Brief

Normally I take Mondays off, but as I wrap up my last week at Word of Life and set up for my first full week at Capital City, there is so much to do that I am working every day for the next two weeks. I will be back in Steubenville for the 19 for my daughter’s Christmas program at school and then will take a week to pack and get our family ready to move. It’s going to be a whirlwind three weeks. We will be moving in to our house in Columbus on the 30th.

Today was a wild day with a wide range of things happening, but it was good to accomplish a few things that needed to be done and get some others moving along the process.

God is teaching me some great things through this transition process. He is so faithful as He leads us through life to use each opportunity to bring us growth and wisdom and guidance. Hopefully, I can learn from Him and use opportunities in life to teach and train my children the way God does for me and see them become what He has destined for them.

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