Two Weeks

Two weeks from today, it will all be over.

The presents will be unwrapped. The garbage will be taken out. The food will be eaten. The kids will be overstimulated on sugar. The parties will have taken place. All of the preparation and hype and overspending will have come to end for another year. Unfortunately, much of the peace on earth, goodwill toward men talk and sentiments will also be finished.

Over the next two weeks we will see signs and hear people talk about the reason for the season and the spirit of Christmas and charity and giving. On December 26, most of that will cease and the focus will be back on self. People will be making their plans and heding out to exchange the gifts they didn’t like. Children will have already decided what they will play with and what they won’t. The allure and excitement will be gone.

I don’t say any of this to be negative or to depress anyone. It is reality. I say it as a reminder to stay focused on what matters. Family, friends, time together, and most of all celebrating Christ and the greatest gift ever given. Let’s not stress over gifts and all the trappings of commercialized holiday. The greatest gift we can give someone is time, attention, love, and care.

I know how stressful the holidays can be. We are moving in the midst of them and that adds stress to it all. I understand. I also know that we need to slow down and relax and not put our families at risk financially or relationally because we got caught up in the selfish and materialistic side of this season.

It really doesn’t matter how much you spend or that the decorations were perfect or the food was looked like a magazine spread. No, none of this will really be the memories that are cherished. What will make this a memorable Christmas is the love we give and the time we share. My girls remember the things we have done to touch the life of another more than they remember the gifts they have been given in the past. They remember the feeling of being loved and being important to their parents.

Let’s make this a memorable time for someone by including the lonely. Let’s create traditions in our families that are centered on Christ and not on stuff. Let’s strive for peace in our families and not add stress. If we miss a sale, oh well, if we miss an opportunity to restore or strengthen a relationship, we have truly missed out and blown it.

Let’s make Christmas a birthday that honors Jesus.

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