A moment of random

Maybe it’s too late at night for me to blog, but here are some random thoughts from inside the mind of Shane:

  • I can’t believe it is week 16 of the NFL. The season has gone quick.
  • Arizona looked horrible. Maybe clinching things as early as they did was a bad thing. That, or the NFC west doesn’t belong with the rest of the NFL. Of course, the Jets and Brett Favre can’t beat the NFC west… Whatever, the Cards looked pathetic against the Patriots.
  • Miami wins the coldest game they have ever played in? Oh yeah, it was against the Chiefs. Does that really count as a game? Almost like playing the Lions.
  • 15 degrees BELOW zero windchill this morning! Forecast for Wednesday – FIFTY degrees. What?!? If you don’t like the weather in Ohio, wait a few minutes, it will change.
  • We downsize every time we move. This time we have gone through things pretty aggressively. We still have way too much stuff.
  • Making another trip to Columbus tomorrow to drop off some stuff. By the time Monday comes we will have only furniture to move. That would be cool.
  • The move has thrown off our normal Christmas flow in our family. Doesn’t really feel like Christmas around here.
  • I am looking forward to Thursday though. Since having children, Christmas morning has a whole different meaning. I love seeing their faces and experiencing their excitement.
  • Also, I can’t wait to see Elena’s expression when she opens what I got her. I think I did well this year.
  • Get to spend Friday evening with some very good friends. This is a tradition for us with these friends. I am very much looking forward to it. Always a great great time.
  • Mark Batterson gives a great post on a simple, yet profound strategy to parenting. Here
  • I’m letting my girls pick what we read in our family devotions and my youngest picked Thessalonians. We will be going through these two letters for a while and then back to Psalms. Parents, if you don’t take time to read the Bible with your children, I highly recommend you start. Let them read aloud. There is not much that compares to hearing your children red God’s Word. Our girls ask if we can do devotions if they are worried that it is getting late and I haven’t started them yet. Awesome!
  • That’s enough for now. Until………
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