Quick thoughts

First, let me answer a question Bre asked me a couple of posts ago. For some reason, my own blog won’t post a comment from me, so I’ll bypass the comment entirely. Bre asked me what books I plan on reading this year. I’ve got a few sitting on my shelf that were given to me and are waiting to be read, so I’ll start there. A few are: Chasing Daylight, So Help Me God, The Divine Intruder, Pivotal Praying, Discontinuity and Hope, Prophetic Untimeliness. From there, I’ll see what comes up. I want to read a couple of biographies and maybe even a fiction book. I haven’t read either type in a long time.

Still fighting with the house. Had one thing on the hot water heater fixed and now have a whole new problem. Should have replaced the whole thing last week.

I am loving this week of prayer. Had an incredible time this evening. There was just a couple of us there, but it was a powerful time and the presence of God was so strong. I am greatly looking forward to what God is going to do the rest of this week. His plan and purpose that He is preparing is absolutely incredible.

This Sunday is going to be cool. We have a special treat for Capital City.

Gotta end for now, 5 am is going to come quick.

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