The decision making process is interesting. It is complicated. It is an art, not a science. Everyone processes differently.

Some seem to make decisions easily, naturally. Others can’t seem to make even the smallest decisions, they are unsure, they struggle with every one.

The perspective of the moment and available information can drastically change the process, the decision, and even cause morals and values to change or be set aside. A peaceful person who would not normally even consider violence can make a decision to commit a brutal murder given a specific set of circumstances.

We think we know something. We have a set of beliefs. We are convinced. Then, the unexpected, the unthinkable becomes reality and it all can change in an instant. Our beliefs, our convictions get shattered or at least stunned and we become capable of what was unimaginable before. The truth is, the best among us is one or two decisions away from the worst among us. This is due to how we process and handle the external stimuli around us each day. Some handle it well and make good decisions. Some do not. Some rise to the occasion and make extraordinary decisions and do the right thing in the heat of the moment. Others cave and let the moment take over and they make tragic decisions.

But, there are also the ones who allow time and a series of events or happenings to change them and their values. This has happened to us in America. Some of these changes are good. There was a time when slavery and racism was normal, now we are getting closer daily to true equality. Some changes are not good. There was a time that infanticide was unimaginable in this country, yet now we abort babies by the thousands. There was a time homosexuality was hidden and shameful, now it is flaunted and becoming glamorous. (on a side note, there is a good conversation about homosexuality taking place on Anne Jackson’s blog here).

We do have to grow and mature and that means change. We just have to make sure that the changes we allow to our character and our values are those that bring us closer to God, not farther from. It’s tough. Especially in a post-modern world with so many compelling arguments so accessible through the various technologies and media we use daily. This is why knowing Christ and His character is so important. Now, more than ever we need to each study and know the Word of God for ourselves. We need to be close to Him, the author, the life, the truth.

The more we know Christ, the better equipped we will be to make the right decisions in all circumstances. Life can get very gray sometimes. It’s murky and it is dirty. The only way to navigate is with the light and guide of the Spirit of God.

If you are struggling with a decision, be it a single one or one that involves lifestyle, then do all you can to know Christ better and what He has to say about your life situation. Seek counsel. Pray. Listen.

Often the harder decision is the best one, the right one. Many times it turns out the easy and most naturally attractive path is the one we need to avoid. Not always, but often.

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