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Feeling a bit random at the moment as you will quickly see.

I saw the lady on the news this morning that was saved by the worker at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. That man died a hero. The event was unspeakably tragic. She is now suing Wal-Mart. Whether or not she should is not for me to decide. However, her lawyer spoke in the same interview and did not do her any favors in the public relations category. This unethical ambulance chaser (I am referring to him specifically, not lawyers in general), came across as typical, greedy, and over-the-top. His words and insistance on how bad things are for her to try and create sympathy, did just the opposite. I don’t know her at all and do not know her intentions, but she was portrayed by the actions of her attorney as an opportunistic money-seeker. Remember, before she fell down, she was part of the mob pushing through the doors of that Wal-Mart. Just saying.

It was great to have a couple of nice days in a row as we got a break from the bitterly cold temps. It’s going to cool down again tonight, but not as much as it was a few days ago. That was cold!

Spoke to the Chi Alpha group at OSU last night. Awesome time. God did His thing. I called an audible as I got up to speak and didn’t even come close to speaking on what I had prepared. I was going to talk about God’s Will. Instead, the word “peace” just plopped in my heart and so we went there. Those students are great! They worshipped without pretenses and they listened with open hearts. God is going to use those who let Him to do mighty things. They are faced with tremendous challenges everyday as they survive college life. On top of the normal pressures of college, they are trying to live a life pleasing to Christ in the anti-christian culture that our major universities have become. They need our prayer and support. I look forward to the other opportunities I will have to speak to these young men and women.

Have a brainstorming meeting tonight as we plan some future ministry possibilities here at CCC. Should be a great time. Of course, food will be involved tonight, so bring it on!

I’m looking forward to Sunday! The message is really burning in me today. We are going to look at being “One with God.” Plus, we are doing one of my favorite things I get to be a part of as a pastor: baby dedications! I love that I get to be a part of the positive events in the lives of people. The honor that I feel to join in celebrations of new life, new birth, baptisms, etc. is huge.

The following Sunday’s message also has me pumped! Don’t worry, I’ll only preach one at a time. And, I am working on a series for March that I believe will be very significant for our church. Details will come later.

The Superbowl is coming up quick. As I write this there are 9 days, 1 hour, 25 minutes and 34 seconds to go. And oh yeah, GO CARDS! Sorry Steelers fans, I have to root for my man Kurt. And, the thought of the Superbowl champ coming from the NFC West as maligned as it was by the sports “experts” is just a fun thought! 🙂

I have a confession: I have never watched a full episode of LOST and I have only seen 2 episodes of 24. Whew! Feels great to get that off my chest. I have seen every episode of Burn Notice including last night’s season debut. Love that show. Michael Westen could take out Jack Bauer I believe and make you smile while he did it. I’m sure I just set off a few folks. 😉

That’s it for now before I offend everyone…

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