Random Tuesday AM

Woke up this morning to another fresh coating of snow. Thankfully it wasn’t enough to call off school. My wife is very appreciative of that. Tomorrow may be another story. It is Wednesday though, so the real snow must come then. Sundays and Wednesdays are the big snow days it seems. At least this past Sunday it waited until after everyone was at church to start. 🙂

Read the story of Joseph from Genesis. I love that story. Life change, redemption, provision, the hand of God are all so evident and so encouraging. At some point I hope to do a full series on the life of this great leader.

I also went through my daily blog roll and a few stood out to me that I recommend:

Just wanted to throw those out at you.

We’ve got a great Sunday on tap this week. It is Superbowl Sunday. GO CARDS! Before and more important than the football game is what God is going to do Sunday morning. Don’t miss this! I don’t want to give away too much but the word “party” is not inappropriate. I’ve got a message that has simmering in me for a few weeks and should be at full burn by Sunday.

Stay warm and stay safe in this winter wonderland today.

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