Christianity in Action

I don’t usually blog mutliple times in one day, but I’m going to make an exception today.

I was privileged to be part of something truly incredible today. It probably shouldn’t be incredible, it should be normal, but it is not. Either way, it was absolutely one of the greatest examples I have seen of the compassion of Christ in action.

An email went out this morning stating that a man was going to shovel driveways in the neighborhood where I live. He gave a time and a corner to start. At 5 pm there was about ten guys standing on that corner. We started down the street, talking and cutting up, just being real. As we shoveled driveways, more began to join us. For the next couple of hours, our ranks grew and shrunk as we walked through the neighborhood street to street clearing driveways and walkways of those who could not or should not do so on their own. No one sought credit. No money was exchanged. No requirements. No one asked us to do it. No pretenses. We didn’t even knock on the door, we just started shoveling. We didn’t ask for anything or push anything. We just shoveled. Just people being neighborly. Love in action.

Here’s the thing: not all the guys are necessarily church goers, much less Christ followers. These guys were motivated by “niceness” and being neighborly, not by the Bible. It was a live sermon. It was truth. It was awesome. Oh that church goers would do this kind of thing more often. Oh that church goers would give and share God’s love and not express their opinions and make judgments. Oh that Christians would live the Gospel and not worry about convincing others they are right.

Dino Rizzo calls it “Servolution.” (click here for more)

Today I saw Christ in action. Hopefully, we will see a whole lot more of that coming from the church.

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