Snow Day

It’s wednesday, so that means snow storm. 🙂
This is a real snow storm too. A little bit of ice and sleet, and a lot of giant flakes falling to the ground. The roads are a challenge. Of course, there is no school today and we will not have activities here in the building tonight. We are most definitely not alone in this.

Allow me to share a thought for today, or any day where plans get changed and you have extra time on your hands. Make the most of it. Here’s how I am going to do that:

After I take care of some things here at the office, I will go home and hang out with my girls. We will probably play in the snow, maybe build a snowman or something. I’m sure hot chocolate and maybe even soup will be a part of the equation. Then, I am meeting some guys late this afternoon to go around and shovel the driveways of some of the elderly folks in our neighborhood. We’ll laugh and cut up and dog each other; we’ll have fun and at the same time touch some lives. Then tonight, once all the activity is over and we are settling down, I may watch a movie or something with my family, but for sure we will spend some time reading the Bible and praying together.

With no school, the flexibility of my office schedule, and the cancellation of church tonight, I have a great opportunity to make today significant. So do you. It’s the difference of letting the day happen to you or you happening to the day. What are you going to make of today?

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