What if……

What if… ? Powerful question.

What if we let go of all of our pre-dispositions to the way things are supposed to be done and started with a new slate, a fresh look at what needs to be done. Is that possible? Is it possible to open our minds and let our creativity expand beyond what we know to what could be? What if we could?

I am becoming more and more able to cope with questions without answers. I like knowing why. I want to know what is going on and have a fix on everything around me. Yet, as I journey through life, I am finding that is not as often possible to have the answers as I would like. In dealing with this, we can either scream louder for answers and demand our way; deny the fact and pretend we have the answers; blame the questions and declare the right things aren’t being asked or it is wrong to ask; or we can accept it and learn to walk in the understanding that some things are bigger than us and beyond our ability to know.

With this last mindset comes a few other things: amazement at life; wonder at nature; joy in little things; peace in storms; hope for tomorrow; and a new way of seeing situations. Instead of looking at everything for the sinister plot, the evil motive, or the hidden conspiracy, we come to the point where we are seeking the opportunity of God to impact a life, expand His Kingdom, and serve His purpose.

  • What if we moved beyond fear and trepidation and boldly proclaimed the love of God and reality of Christ to those around us?
  • What if we stopped seeing church as a form of worship on Sundays and Wednesdays?
  • What if we went to where people already are instead of expecting them to come to us?
  • What if we found new ways of presenting the Gospel in real and relevant ways in real situation in real life?
  • What if we stopped relying on programs and models and forms to get the job done and started trusting in the power of God to work through us?
  • What if each person in the body of Christ got into “the game” and did their part?
  • What if we put aside petty differences and juvenile arguments and joined in unity to accomplish God’s mission?
  • What if we followed the example of Christ and not the traditions of man?
  • What if each one of us ventured out to do what God has called us and an individual to do with reckless abandon?
  • What if we lived out of our faith that God is real and is working instead of by our sight and human understanding?
  • What if we dared to ask God for the big, the impossible? And, then actually lived in expectation?
  • What if we looked for what we can offer and give instead of what we can get?
  • What if you accomplished that dream in your heart?
  • What if … ?
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