A few thoughts

I’ve got that random feeling again today…

I’ve been reading some incredible blog posts lately, here’s a couple to check out:

I’ve already gotten some good response from our new endeavor of podcasting our sermons here from Capital City. I did for most of the time I was in Steubenville. We are working out some kinks and hopefully will have everything as seamless and smooth as possible very soon.

I played racquetball yesterday. Have really regained my enjoyment of that sport and am less sore after each time I play. However, I did hit my left hand with my racquet once when I missed a shot. Sliced my finger right open and ripped part of the nail off. That was not the way I wanted to take a break. We did play two or three more games after that. It is not throbbing much today, thankfully.

My wife and I started the South Beach diet again yesterday. I lost 50 pounds on it a couple of years ago and have kept off all but 15 of it. I want to lose that 15 again and maybe 15 more. I’m not allowed to say much about my wife’s results and goals, but she is serious right now, I can tell you that.

I woke up this morning with the old song by Greg Volz, “The Exodus”, running through my mind. Specifically the line from Exodus 15, “The Lord is my strength and song, He is become my salvation… my Father’s God and I will exalt Him.” It has just been there in my mind today. In fact, I’m listening to that song on my iTunes right now. It is also a great thought to carry us through our day. When He is my strength and song and salvation, it is not about me and I can focus on exalting Him and not myself, my agenda, my ideas, or my way.

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