Motivation – part 1

Let me ask you a question. It is one question, but I’m going to ask it more than one way…

What keeps you going? What is your motivation? Why do you do what you do each day?

Ultimately our true motivations will determine our actions and our actions will be what we are defined by with others.

What we are on the inside DOES matter. It matters to God. He is who we are trying to please. But is that really WHY we are and WHY we do? Or is there something more to our motives? Do we do the “right things” for our own benefit or because we really do want to please God?

There is a difference between wanting to please God for His sake and wanting to please God for our sake. When my daughter cleans her room for no other reason then she knows I want her to, then she is doing it for my sake. When she cleans her room to butter me up to ask for something, then it is for her sake. Same action, two very different motivations. I just wonder how often we do that with God?

As I read through God’s Word I see that if our motivation is correct, then we will do the right things (mostly) and will eventually become known for what we do. That may or may not be positive, depending on the context. Jesus was known for what He did, but there were many that didn’t appreciate that at all. This primarily was the religious leaders. His motives were not known, but His actions were. He was judged by His actions. Most saw these actions as good, but many did not.

I know I have opened up some things and not wrapped them up nice and tidy. I have more to say but am going to come back to it in another post or posts. So, until then:

What motivates you?
Thoughts and answers are welcomed.

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