Weekend Unwind – Monday style

Sorry for the lateness of this post. There are many reasons, none which matter.

This weekend was incredible!

  • First – GAMEDAY! Men’s convention. Nothing like hundreds of men getting together to worship God, grow, and have a good time. We laughed and laughed and we got serious about what God was saying.
  • I had a blast being on the serve team for the weekend.
  • Chuck Davis and I had a great time with the Gameday Crew stuff on stage. Chuck is a great guy and a man of God. He is making a difference in Orrville.
  • Craig Krenzel is the real deal!
  • So is Chimdi Chekwa. Look forward to seeing where his football career goes.
  • Tom Mullins (Christ Fellowship Church) did a fantastic job. He has some great stories! He is also a very down to earth and genuine guy. I enjoyed getting to spend a few moments with him in the green room.
  • I know lives were touched and men were strengthened and challenged this weekend. I have already heard some of the reports and stories coming out of it.
  • After we wrapped up Gameday and got everything torn down and put away, I got to lead the discussion for our NEXT? journey group. We met outside even though it was a bit chilly. Our discussion got very real and raw and down to the everyday in what we deal with in relationships outside of church. Thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the openness of those that were there.
  • Slept like a rock Saturday night! I was whipped!
  • Sunday came and WOW! God is so faithful! I am amazed that He allows me to be a part fo what He is doing.
  • Spoke on regrets. Took both angles – avoiding and living life free of spiritual regrets and overcoming those we already live with.
  • I knew going into the day that God was going to set some folks free of guilt and bondage from their past regrets.
  • I also knew that some were going to be challenged deeply about their lives and choices.
  • I have received emails and other communications already about some of what God was speaking to people.
  • We had a couple of new commitments to Christ this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s what it is about!
  • Loved the “What if…?” series, but am thrilled about the series we start this Sunday – “HiStory”
  • I forgot to mention the postcards we have available. These are invites that you can give our mail to people to invite them to church during this Easter series. Stop by during office hours or pick yours up on Wednesday and get them out into people’s hands!
  • My in-laws came up for the day. After lunch, they took our girls home with them for the week to spend spring break. This gives Elena and I our own spring break. We love our girls dearly and we will miss them, but it is nice to have a quiet house for a couple of days. It is also nice to have some uninterrupted us time.
  • Played golf today with one of my best friends. It was my first time out this year. Knocked some of the rust off. It was cold when we started. It warmed up, but the wind kept it brisk. We had a good time. It really is more about the company than the golf when the two of us get together.
  • Hopefully, I will have the podcast from yesterday up on the web tomorrow. We have been having some recording issues, but think we may have a solution. I’ll post the link once we get it.
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