The Shack

I finished reading the book “The Shack” recently and I wanted to post some thoughts.

First, I don’t see why all the controversy. I know some big name people have some very strong opinions about the book and people are quite concerned about it. I don’t get it. The most important thing to remember about the book is it is FICTION. This is not a theological text book or a claim as an add-on to the Bible. It is a work of fiction and should be taken as such. Anyone that is wasting their time trying to pick this book apart theologically is just focused the wrong way and spinning their wheels. Why do we have to make everything an issue as if the future of the body of Christ rests on a book? Many did so with “DaVinci Code” and now this. These are fiction works.

Are there problems with “The Shack” when stacked up to theological understandings? Yes. The same could be said about almost EVERY piece of literature ever written. No work outside of scripture is the infallible and perfect Word of God.

However, I do believe “The Shack” does a decent job addressing why bad things happen and what God’s role is in the dirty and dark side of life. I also think it captures God’s character in many ways, though not perfectly. Again, only scripture does that. I appreciate how the author dealt with man placing self in position of judge over God and the emotion involved in it.

The book is pretty well written. It engages the reader from the start and keeps you engaged. I didn’t get bored reading it which I easily do with many books and the vast majority of fiction. If you are a parent of young children, the emotion and description of the abduction is heart wrenching. Honestly, I almost stopped reading it during that portion because it was hitting close to home.

I’m glad I read the book. One thing that always irks me is when people are against something based on what someone else says. I heard many say negative things about the book and they had never read it or done any real research on it. They heard a sermon or read a blog by a person, who didn’t necessarily read it either, and then made their judgment based on that. I also know of people warning others not to read it and turning it into an issue of spiritual warfare. WHAT? is all I will say to that.

If you like fiction or are curious, pick up a copy and check it out. If you know someone dealing with a tragic loss, this is something to consider as a conversation piece with them.

We just need to remember, this is not scripture and does not claim to be.

I’m sure there are some that have very strong feelings about this. You are free to comment. Just remember, it’s my blog, and I’m free to moderate. 🙂

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  1. I read the book too and agree that it does tackle some very emotional issues, and contains a lot of truth. I found the first part of the book heart wrenching (having children myself, and seeing my toddlers little red dress hanging in her closet!!!) By the middle of the book I felt some comfort and hope and was ready to maybe recommend the book to non-christians who struggle with the issues of why bad things happen. Even though there were little alarm bells going off in my head because of the confusing and often incorrect theology. I decided I would to take it for what it appeared to be 'a work of fiction' we are all allowed a little poetic license right? By the last chapters though the alarm bells turned into big ben chiming loud and clear, and the hope and comfort I felt turned into disomfort and fear as I read things coming from 'the mouth of God' that were blasphemous and biblically unsound,some of it is subtle(you have to read it several times to realise it's new age teaching) other times it is blatant. They say the best way to spot a conterfeit $20 bill, is not to look at various fake examples, know the feel of the original, the look, every line and stroke, that way when a fake $20 shows up you will know it right away,even though it is very close to and almost as the original, that's how I feel about this book, although it does not CLAIM to be theologically correct,it is marketed as a 'Christian book' and although you and I as grounded believers have the gift of discernment to know it is not the truth, there are many who could be lead astray. For example if this guy said this is true and biblical, everyone would jump on him right away and boycott the book.If you put your misleading message across as fiction, you can write whatever you want put a good measure of truth into it and sugar coat it with fuzzy feelings. Add to that wrenching emotions that every parent can relate to and you have people hooked and ready to pass on your book to anyone who will read it! If this guy marketed his book as "new age" I would have absolutely no problem with it because at least then people know what they are reading. But then chrisians wouldn't be so ready to read it and pass it around. I can fully understand why people are high on this book, but the bible tells us to be discerning and in the last days people will be decieved by false doctrines,(that could even be in the form of 'fiction') It's a free country decide for yourself, but be aware poeple are often guilty of false marketing and will not always tell you what it is they are 'selling' May God bless you as you serve him. Stefanie.

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