A Thought

Not sure where this is from or what inspired me to write it, but I ran across this in my journal:
“It is not a life of faith if one is engaged in the work of God. It is not about position, titles, or volunteerism; it is about being active in making God known to those who do not.”

So many church goers would say they are living a life of faith or some equivalent form of that saying. I wonder how many really are. In hearing and reading church folk it seems that way more are concerned about their own personal preferences, comfort, and desires. If the music is too new, too old, too loud, too quiet they complain. If the preacher wears a tie, doesn’t wear a tie, shouts, doesn’t shout, preaches series, preaches verse by verse, preaches from a script, from notes, from memory people gripe and complain. Folks leave churches over the color chosen to paint something. People get upset over and announcement that was made. Folks fight over who gets recognition. People are offended if they weren’t personally greeted by the pastor or some other leader. Offenses, gripes, complaints, confrontations, pouting, quitting, and so on are all signs (fruits) of a life that is not living in faith. Rather, these are all fruits of a life living in self.

What would happen if we became less focused on what makes us feel good and comfortable and we started working to help others find the love of God even when it is outside of our comfort zone and preferences?

I think things would change in this world.

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