Legislative Action

I don’t usually use my platforms for political issues, but this is one exception.

The article I am linking below is about a bill recently passed on Congress and is now before the Senate. Read it and make up your mind whether or not you need to act, but I have already contacted the Senators from Ohio asking them to vote NO.

Freedom of speech and religion are foundational to our country. We have plenty of laws that make acts of violence against any human being illegal. There is no reason to give special treatment to a group in this category that makes it more illegal to commit acts of violence on them than any one else. By giving any one a greater class of protection we take away some protection and safety from the rest of society. This is just setting up a hierarchy where those who have made a choice to live a certain way have greater power and position due to their sin. The more we sit back and do nothing, the more government and special interest groups promoting sin will intrude into everyone’s rights until only a select few elites among us will have any rights.


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