Don’t know where this came from as I am sure it is not original.

You cannot choose your birth.
You cannot choose your death.
You MUST choose your life.

I have always been a proactive person and followed the carpe diem model of living. It has worked well for me for the most part and only gotten me in trouble a few times. 🙂

However, I haven’t always been intentional about the way or what means I use to seize the day. Sometimes I just grabbed what was and went with it. Other times I just went without looking. There have even been the times when I just flat missed it.

In life, we must make choices daily. Those choices compound and grow and set us up for the next day and beyond. Too many are just going through life waiting for each day to happen and waiting before they act or engage life. A reactionary life is one that will never be fulfilled because it will always be “victim” to time and circumstances and emotions. While the above statement says we MUST choose life, many are choosing to let life be whatever. By not intentionally choosing, they are choosing to let others decide for them.

God has a better way. He has laid before us a plan and a design that will bring fulfillment and purpose and understanding. He has given us a way to live that is effective and powerful. We must choose it. It takes effort. It takes intention. It takes daily choices that build and lead us closer to that image of Him in which we were originally created.

What choices need to be made today to choose the life that God has?

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

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