Sunday Unwind

Here goes:

Fantastic weekend in so many ways! Went to the Memorial Golf Tournament at Muirfield Village because of the generosity of some folks in the church. Took my youngest daughter on Friday. We walked all 18 holes as part of the Tiger wave. It was fun watching him and Zach Johnson and Ernie Els play. A very cool thing for me. Yesterday, I got to go again. This time with one of the young men in our church. We were given hospitality village tickets which meant free food! That’s always a good thing. 🙂 Actually, his roomate knows someone and got us into one of the private parties overlooking the number 12 green. Great place to watch some golf! Tiger winning the tournament today was fun to watch as well. This time I watched it on TV though. BTW I love DVR!

Today was even better! Not because Tiger won. Because God showed up and is doing great things!!!

Today was promotion Sunday for our children’s ministry. All the kids moved up to their new grades and classes. My daughter this morning looked at me wide-eyed and said, “Daddy, I’m now a 5th grader! That’s scary!” I responded back, “You have no idea!”

Pastor Staci introduced all our coordinators for the various children’s ministry areas. Thes people are great! The time and energy and care they put into taking care of our children is priceless.

Along with promotion Sunday, we honored our High School and College graduates. Congratulations Natasha, Kitch, Katie, and Robert!

Today was the kick off for ONEPRAYER. I love this movement! It so fits with a core value conviction of mine for unity in the body of Christ.

I got to tag team with someone I admire as a pastor and leader, Perry Noble. Of course Perry doesn’t know he was tag teaming with me, I used his video message as part of the ONEPRAYER series. Perry pastors a tremendous church in Anderson, SC called NewSpring.

The message today was “God is Here.” What a statement. I could preach several messages on that reality. God is here, right now. He is with you every moment of every day. If we ever get a hold of this reality, it will revolutionize us. We will act, talk, and relate differently. We will become more bold and more effective. We would walk in peace and share that peace with others. The podcast is here.

Awesome response as people were listening to God and making new decisions about life!

Capital City, hang on, GREAT things are ahead!

After service we held our Honor Star crowning for the MPact girls clubs. These girls have to do a tremendous amount of work and memorizing to reach this. Congrats! Along with their ceremony we had all the Mpact Girls clubs awards and the Royal Rangers boys clubs awards.

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