Follow Thru – part 2

In the last post found here, I brought up the swings of some golfers and how important follow-thru is to the result. This principle is true to so much in life. It is the idea that how you finish is more important than how you begin.

When I was working with youth, we were very involved in the creative arts; singing, instruments, graphic, drama, video, etc. One of the things we made sure they understood in live presentation that the end is vital. If they stumble in the beginning, it’s ok, they can end well and that is what is most remembered. While the goal was to make everything the best it could be, the focus was placed on having the right amount of “punch” to the ending for maximum impact.

In working with young people and others in preaching or other speaking situations, I have always worked backward with them. By starting with the point that the audience is supposed to walk away remembering or applying we can weed out the unnecessary and really focus in on making sure everything leads to what matters most. Knowing where one is going is essential. That is always the question: where is this going? What is the goal?

Here’s a little inside scoop. Even when I “call an audible” and change a message at the last minute or I feel like the Holy Spirit leads a new direction when I am speaking, there is always an end goal in mind. Sometimes it is a phrase or a sentence, but it is always a concept or principle for people to remember and apply to life. Every message I give has a point that is predetermined. I won’t speak without that, it would be pointless. Follow-thru in preaching/teaching/speaking requires knowing the intended result.

A good message, a memorable drama, an effective presentation must have a purpose, a point. The end must always be determined and set before anything else in order to be most effective.

This is also true in much of our daily lives. It is not just something that applies to public presentations.

Follow-thru requires knowing how to finish even before one actually starts.

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