Quick Hit

Just wanted to put up a quick post. This past week was quite crazy and the next two are shaping up to be as well. I will get back to a more regular posting schedule, but probably not until after vacation which begins in 18 days.

Here’s a couple of links to check out:

  • In the spirit of the great OOPS! Someone really messed up this car (click here). And… It took several someones to mess this up and build a house like this… (click here). WARNING, while the two links I have provided are clean humor, if you decide to explore the FAIL blog website you will run across some photos and things that are off color and even offensive.
  • In the learn something new every day catagory, the right way to open a banana is here.
  • An interesting and thought provoking post on status quo here.
  • Michael posted a short but insightful thought here.
  • Steven nails another post here. This one if about faith.
  • Whether any of this is real or just very good editing, it is still a very cool video here.

Have a great Sunday and see you on the flip side…

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