Too Stuffy

I just watched a great video on Youtube. You can watch it here. I’ve had weddings where they danced out, but never in. This is cool.

Truth is we have become way too stuffy about some things. I didn’t say serious, I said stuffy. Serious means we understand the reality and the weight and the responsibility. Stuffy means we have drained the fun right out of it. Marriage is serious, but it is a blast. Weddings are sacred and a significant event, but why can’t they be fun? Can something be sacred and fun?

I say yes! Worship is sacred, yet when combined with others and using music can also be quite fun! There are many other forms of worship. The artist who paints or sculpts or designs for God’s glory is worshiping. David when he danced before the Lord was worshiping and I find it hard to believe that he wasn’t having the time of his life.

How did the holy and the sacred come to be made stuffy? Yes, there are times for reverence and times to be subdued and reflective, no question. But, not everything or every moment is that time. We really need to loosen up and learn to have fun. I believe Jesus did. I believe He was a fun person to be around and knew how to laugh. I spoke about this a couple of Sundays ago. In case, you missed it, go here.

We take ourselves too seriously. In this sense we see ourselves as the answer or as having the answer and then start to trust ourselves more than God. We need to see God as the only source and the only answer. If we will worry less and trust Him more, I believe, we will find more joy and more enjoyment in life.

So go out today and find an opportunity to have some fun. Do something different, something random, something unexpected and have some fun. You just might make someone else’s day in the process.

Recently, we were standing outside a pizza joint with several friends of ours. Our daughters and our friends daughters saw a red Corvette convertible with top down coming toward us. Knowing that I love Corvettes they pointed it out. As the Corvette passed slowly in front us, for whatever reason, we started clapping and cheering. The guy driving the car looked a bit confused as about a dozen adults and kids were cheering as he drove by. Then he caught on and just started laughing. It was random and spontaneous and it was fun. I have no idea what that man’s day had been like, but I guarantee we brightened it at least a little.

Look for the enjoyable, the random opportunities we have every day to do something fun. And stop walking around like you have a sour cherry ball in your mouth. šŸ™‚

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