Bible Study

A couple of weeks ago I preached a message on reading the Bible. Due to the electric going out and operator error on my laptop, the message was not recorded. Here is a quick breakdown from that message.

We have all heard it said that we need to read the Bible. Too often that is all that is said. I know I was never really taught how until I was an adult and I grew up in church. I was taught to memorize and even bribed to do so with trophies, candy, etc. But, I was not really taught how.

It’s amazing the positive response I get when I bring up this subject and start talking about it. People are hungry to know how to have an effective pattern and life of reading the Bible.

The thing is, it is simple. There are no secret tricks. There’s no insider information only given to Reverends. God hasn’t made it complicated. He gave us the Word in written form and then provides the Holy Spirit to guide us through and reveal the applicable truth us.

The Bible is called the “Living Word” because it is always applicable and transcends time and culture. For us to have a truly vibrant spiritual walk with God, the Bible must be a significant element in our lives.

Here is a quick run down of how to read the Bible effectively:

  • Get a translation you can understand. All English versions are translations of the original. What is important is that you are reading and that it is understandable to you. I even recommend using multiple translations in deep study to get the full essence of what is written.

  • Pray, ask God to make His Word clear and applicable to your life.
  • Start with Jesus. It’s all about Him. The books of Mark & John in the Bible are great for reading His story.

  • Have a plan. Use a study Bible or get a devotional journal or book, pick a topic, study a person’s life in the Bible, whatever, just have a plan of what you are going to read. Random does not work long term and you will get frustrated.

  • Journal your reading. Get a notebook or journal and write down your thoughts each day while and after reading. This will help you to think on what you have read as well as have a record of what you hear God’s Spirit say to you through the Bible. I have found this to be the best way to process what I have read and keep track of what God speaks to me through His Word.

  • Have a set time. Know when you are going to read each day. Make it an appointment on your calendar if that’s what it takes. Guard this time.

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