Truth is, if life is smooth and has no chaos it is boring at best and meaningless at worst. Not to say that for life to have meaning it must be a state of madness all day every day. In fact, routine and the mundane are what keep us grounded and should be the base rythm of our lives.

However, there will and needs to be some chaos existent if we are to live effective lives of purpose. Relationships bring an element of chaos. We are relational beings and designed to to build and maintain relationships. This is a messy process as emotions, opinions personality, and an abundance of other factors jump int ot he equation. As we mature and grow and lead others to the same (relationship) there will be issues at times and full on chaos at others.

As we read through the sacred text of God’s Word we see chaos time and again in the lives of those following God’s plan. We also see it in those who did not follow His plan. The difference is always the end result.

Life is full of chaos. Soon as we think we’ve got it all figured out and under control, BAM, we get nailed with something we didn’t see coming. God’s plan adds a whole other element to it. One of the chief reasons that His plan adds so much chaos is that it si often conflicts with human desire and understanding. God’s will always requires faith and involves risk. By nature and definition, risk and faith are catalysts of chaos when mixed in with human characteritics.

The key is to learn to embrace and live in the chaos and to know when it is of God and when it is man-made. We must also know when and how to disengage.

More to come on this issue…

What seems to bring the most chaos in to your life?

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