Chaos Continues

There is no way in a series of blog posts can all the nuances of chaos be discussed. In fact, each instance of chaos is unique so only a few basic principles can be touched on in any discussion of the general reality of chaos.

As I think through chaos and recall the various and numerous situations of it in my life, I am struck by one reality. This one reality goes back to the second post in many ways, but is more than was mentioned there. We must have a relationship with God and we must trust Him, absolutely. However, the only way we are going to survive and even thrive in chaos is to be secure in ourselves.

Please don’t get crazy and think I am suggesting any form of humanistic belief system or am in any way putting anything human above God. No. I am suggesting that we need to have an inner security of who we are in God and who He has designed us to be. The security is what enables us to stand when criticism hits. In leadership and in chaos, there will be no shortage of criticism. This inner security also enables us to make the decisions necessary to successfully navigate the chaos. Without it, we won’t trust that the voice we here is the Holy Spirit. Without it, we will cower in fear of the mounting pressures instead of stand on the core values and convictions set on God’s Word. Without this inner security we will begin to treat others poorly and with mistrust as paranoia sets in. Chaos reveals the flaws in our character, and if we are not secure, then those flaws will be large and in charge as it were.

This really is about pride. As counter-intuitive as it seems, the more pride-filled a person is, the less secure they are. A truly secure person can be humble, not know it, and not even care as they are just doing what they do. A secure person doesn’t bow to the pressures of the whims of people because they are rooted in their core values. The secure person celebrates with others in their triumphs. He/She recognizes the value of the process and the treasure of people and can stay calm in crisis because their perspective is not in the immediate gain of self. In fact, the least selfish people I know are some of the most secure. The most selfish are extremely insecure.

Surviving chaos is about giving glory to God and allowing His purposes to be done. This motive is not at all focused on the effects or gain to self. The insecure can only think about how something is affecting them.

The best way to prepare for the next season of chaos is to repent of selfishness, get firmly centered in God and His Word and get over yourself. 🙂

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