I am a strong proponent of continuous learning. No person, regardless of education or any achievement, has reached a place where they can stop learning and striving to grow. Even the highest level leaders need to be learning from someone.

This is why, I signed up for a pastor’s coaching network next year. I will have to make some sacrifices to participate and it will take real effort on my part to get out of it everything I need to. It will be well worth it. If for no other reason than the experience and relationships formed, it will have great value.

It is also why, a group of pastors who I am friends with are forming a network to walk through some of the issues unique to pastoring. Only with others will we be able to accomplish what God has placed before us. It is part of His plan. He even modeled it for us in the life Christ.

Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. This should be the ongoing status of our lives in order to most fully live out our potential.

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