Take advantage

It’s Christmas Season. The debate rages on about whether or not people should say “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, “Season’s Greetings” or whatever. Matters little to me, only because it really is not going to make much, if any, difference in any individuals heart. No, there is a much bigger opportunity here than trying to convince the world to say “Merry Christmas.”

The opportunity we have is touch hearts, start conversations, invite, share, live. It’s Christmas. People are open to discussions about God. Not about religion or church, but about God. Even the mainstream radio stations are playing songs about Jesus. The stores have Christmas carols playing over their sound systems. While not every song has a God theme, many do.

We have an incredible possibility in front of us to engage people in conversation. To share with others the truth of God’s love and the purpose of the virgin birth. We don’t need theological debates about the time of year or location on the wise men’s visit. We don’t need arguments about decorated trees in the church, or about Santa. It is pointless to try to convince anyone to do things our way. We can take advantage of the opportunity to give someone the gift of life and freedom in Christ.

Take advantage of the season. Don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of gifts and commercialism. Avoid the pitfall of busyness and keeping up with a schedule or trying to make everything perfect. The best memories come from relationships and time together. The presents are forgotten. The decorations eventually thrown out. The leftovers will spoil. But the memories will be centered on people and time and they will last. Make some memories with your family. Attend Christmas programs and then talk about the meaning of Christ and His birth and the reality of God with us. Have fun with your family and friends. Be spontaneous. Do things out of the ordinary. Touch the life of another. Give anonymously. Bless your children by showing them how to give and that the time is more important than the stuff.

Take advantage of the season. Take advantage of the opportunities that God is giving you. Encounter the possibilities and watch in awe as God does something great.

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