Winning the God is faithful competition…

We, as Christians, talk so much about God being faithful. I’m just not sure how much we trust His faithfulness. We speak it well, especially around other Christians. There are times it even seems to become a competition. Kind of an “I can express His faithfulness better than you can,” or, “He’s been more faithful to me in tougher times,” one-up-man-ship.

When we are caught in the crisis of life, do we truly trust Him to be faithful? I meet with people in all kinds of stages of life and emotional states. I get to see people at their best times and at their worst times. In the reality of the situations that people face, I don’t often see the trust that God will come through like is seen in the moments of braggadocio conversations among Christians.

To trust that God is really going to come through, that He is faithful and never late is to not worry or fret over the situation; even in the worst of crises. Not to suggest that trust rules out all emotion, because clearly emotion is a part of it. Even Jesus wept at times. He was emotional as we are.

Trust, however, brings peace that passes understanding and a strength in the knowledge that God will come through in the way that is best at the time. We know God is faithful and that let’s us sleep when the medical report says “cancer” or the bank statement says “overdrawn” or the relationship is broken. Trust overcomes worry which frees us from stress ending in perfect peace and the understanding that God is right here in the moment.

Matthew 6 commands us not to worry. In that teaching, Jesus reminds us of nature, how God takes care of the birds and the plants. He also tells us we are more important to God than these.

God is faithful. He never fails. He is never late. He doesn’t forget. He is merciful. He is bigger than whatever we face. He knows what is best. He is God.

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  1. The saying "Talk is cheap" applies here. When Jacob got the blessing from God, his walk after the blessing told the story of his blessing. Now to avoid the limp we try to talk our way into blessing. "My God is faithful" talk has become a way to get into God's good grace. Trust demands action. We all know it, but we are too afraid of the limp to take any action.

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