Tracks in the snow

It’s snowing lightly this morning. The first of this season for us. The good news is ski season is here and I reactivated my ski report app on my phone. The bad news is it means that shoveling, slick roads, and canceled school season is also here.

As we drove to school this morning, one of my girls made a comment about how many driveways had tracks coming out of them. My mind flashed back to my childhood. I loved a fresh fallen snow. I loved to make tracks in the snow and would often spell things out or make soem sort of pattern. An open field was a beautiful blank canvas.

In our lives, we leave tracks. Every where we go and every thing we do leaves a mark. Just like it is easy to follow someone in the snow, it easy to follow the tracks left by our lives: a kind word, a generous act, a caring gesture, selfless deeds. They all make significant impact on those around us. These are the patterns and tracks we can look at and smile.

There are also those things that leave a mark we can’t smile about: a harsh word, stinginess, uncaring acts, selfish deeds. We are all guilty at times. The marks remain as a reminder of the grace and mercy that God has given us.

A fresh snowfall marks a new beginning, but the marks and tracks still remain where we have gone, for good and for not. Each day is a new blank canvass for us to leave our mark. The best will be those we are intentional about and that we follow in the light and guide of God Spirit and His Word.

What tracks in the snow will we leave today?


  1. It doesn’t take a focus group to feel the moment!

    First sno flakes of winter are upon us.

    Count em 1 by 1 by 1.

    It really adds up.

    God in all his glory.

    The beauty of it all.

    It’s when senior citizens shine.

    OK, Ok, sure, we’re the only demographic on the road with heavy-duty chains on our Packard.

    Sure beats the hefty cost of all-wheel drive, traction control and GPS, whatever THAT is!

    Hey! Frugality got us thru the Great Depression.

    Why not give this one a try.

    Just wonderin as I wonder…


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