Discipling, Mentoring, or Coaching (part 3)


  • Mentoring – imparting of knowledge, wisdom, and experience from one to another based and built on relationship. the relationship usually comes first. can be formal or informal

This part of the discussion is a little more tricky, simply because it has some overlap with the other two.

It is my opinion that anyone in leadership should be involved in mentoring. We should be mentoring someone and we should have a mentor(s) leading us. Honestly, a person may not be a true leader if there are not mentoring relationships happening. Not all of these will be formal or even use the terminology mentoring, but the actions and results are there.

The definition above says it is a simple “imparting” and it is built on relationship. For someone to truly be your mentor, that relationship is vital. The mentors that have and are in my life are incredible individuals whom I enjoy spending time with. This not just because of what I get from them, but because of who they are as a person. A relational connection exists.

While some mentoring situations do just happen, we need to be intentional about this process. This takes finding those around us with potential and reaching out to mentor them in the calling that God has for them. Equally important, we need to look around and find those we can follow and glean from their lives and experience.

The difference between mentoring and discipleship is the depth and direction. Discipleship is general spirituality and growth. Mentoring is leading in a direction and often includes preparing someone for a purpose or leadership.

I believe that mentoring is a gratitude action. This simply means we engage as a form of gratitude for what has been given and poured into us.

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  1. I must agree whole heartedly pastor. These relationships in our lives are so vital to our individual growth.

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