Quick Hits

Here are some links to check out:

  • One of the best posts I’ve read this week as Jon makes some very insightful observations about the impact of our decisions.
  • Tony made me laugh, yet also stop and think about a couple of things very seriously with this post: What if Target operated like a church?
  • Kem combined two lists about leaders and artists here.
  • Perry hits another home run with a must read post for church leaders here.
  • Bob had three great posts on responding vs. reacting starting here.
  • Great example of just because one can doesn’t mean one should is found here. Maybe churches get caught in the same thing of doing something because it is a cool idea without fully thinking through the impact.
  • It would be pretty cool if some of these made it to production. I want the iRing, iView, and Foldable Macbook Touch. May not ever see any of them, but very creative concepts.

Have a great Wednesday.

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