Killing Cockroaches (review)

I have been meaning to post this for some time.

Several months ago I received the book, “Killing Cockroaches” by being randomly chosen as a commenter on Anne Jackson’s Blog, Shortly after receiving the book, I was able to attend a live seminar with the author, Tony Morgan. You can read the post from that day here.

This book is a terrific leadership book. It is very practical and insightful. It is easy to read, but not an easy read. Hang with that for a minute. It’s easy to read in that it is relational and well written. It’s not an easy read as this is a book that makes you stop consistently and think. It’s not one that you read in one sitting or even two or three. At least, not if you really want to get the meat out of it, it just has too much good stuff in it. I read the book over a period of weeks and then recently went back and re-read part of it as I worked through preparing for next year.

I definitely recommend picking up this book if you have not already done so. The leadership lessons and insights are invaluable.

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