God is speaking right now…

It nearly always comes up. Somewhere in a conversation along the way the question will be asked, “How do I hear God’s voice? How do I know it’s Him and not me, or that pizza I ate at midnight?” Ok, the question may not be phrased that way, but it does come up often. If we have gone to church for very long, we know we are to pray and read our Bible. We also know that prayer is talking to God. Too many don’t know how to pray.

It comes from the “professional” pray-ers. They give long and eloquent prayers and seem to cover all the bases so fluently.

The first time someone attempts to pray for an hour, usually flops. Simply because of the approach we have always heard, prayer is talking to God. The reality is prayer is NOT talking “to” God it is meant to be talking WITH God: a conversation.

When I have spoken about prayer in a sermon or even in one-on-one scenarios, I mention that God is always talking, we just aren’t always hearing Him.

I go to a gym almost every morning. There are TVs all over the place, including the locker room. Because there are 7 different channels being shown across these sets, the volume is muted on all the TVs. On each of the cardio machines (stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, stair climbers, etc) there is an audio jack for headphones. If you want to hear what is on a particular TV, you have to plug your headphones in to the jack and tune to the correct channel. Just because you can’t hear the TV doesn’t mean that there is nothing coming from it.

It’s not a perfect analogy of course, but the truth remains that God is speaking into our lives every day, every moment, we just are not always “plugged in” and “tuned in” to Him. We let too many other things distract us and keep us deaf to His voice. We don’t hear Him, because we hear everything else.

It is a simple matter of not getting to know His voice through His Word and taking the time to spend in conversation with Him. When we do pray we talk to or at Him way too much and miss what He has to say to us.

God is speaking to you right now. It’s not a cycled monologue that is broadcast to the whole world and what you hear depends on when you “tune in.” It is a specific message just for you right now in your circumstance where you are. The question is, do you know His voice well enough to hear it?

If not, the only answer is to quiet the noise and spend time learning His voice just you and Him.

What advice would you give to someone trying to learn to hear God’s voice?

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