Does unity mean we must get along? (part 3)

Just want to clarify a couple of thoughts to wrap up this series of posts.

  • Unity is an absolute command that God has given us as His followers. If we are to live obedient to Him and fulfill His designs in us, we must be unified.
  • While we will not always get along, we are to have love for each other, even in the process of disagreement. We should strive for peace and harmony and work out our differences as much as possible to get along. It makes us more effective and it all becomes much more enjoyable.
  • God has shown us each overwhelming grace. The least (and I do mean least) we can do is show grace to one another.
  • We as followers of Christ must find a way to become unified to share the love and truth of Christ to those far from God. He commanded it. Along with glorifying and praising God, it’s one of our two purposes in this life. The world is dying and people are slipping into eternity separated from God while we figure it out.
  • There will be disagreements along the way. We won’t always like each other and we won’t always get along. However, we must find a way to over come all of that and walk and work in unity for the glory and purposes of advancing God’s Kingdom.

What are some ways we can see this accomplished?

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