A Brainstorming Session

Here’s a chance for you to get involved in what we are planning at Capital City Church. The week after Easter we are going to start a series of messages that will take on some of the hardest and most controversial issues we face as Americans each day. I have some thoughts and ideas written out for this, but before we get any further along in the process, we want to open it up for your input. The series will run for four weekends and each weekend will be a different topic.

So, jump in and submit your ideas. Answer one question, all three, part of 2, whatever:

  • What four topics would you suggest?
  • What are some questions you have had about life and God regarding things that don’t make sense or don’t seem to line up?
  • Finally, give us your suggestions for a title for this series. The working title right now is “Taboo: talking about the things we aren’t supposed to talk about.” We think you can do better. If your suggested title is used, I will send you a gift.

Thanks for your input…


  1. How should Christians and the Church deal with homosexuality? During my life, I have meet and become friends with people of varying breakgrounds, lifestyles, and perspectives; in building relationships with these individuals, I just thought that I should love them and listen, but at times, I feel somewhat perplexed by issues of gender, transgender, sexual orientation, and so on. Any ideas…

    1. This is a good and very real issue. It is one of the ones we will tackle in our April series. I believe the American church has struggled at best, failed at worst in this area.

  2. Hardest and most controversial? How about:

    Isn’t it arrogant to claim that Christianity is the only way?
    If God is so good, why is the world so full of pain and suffering?
    Hasn’t Science disproved Christianity?
    Is God is loving, then how could he condemn people to Hell?
    Do you seriously take the Bible literally? Isn’t it just fables?

    Those are five I deal with regularly 🙂

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