4 Barriers to people coming to Jesus

Just some quick thoughts on why it seems so hard to help people move into a life with Christ.

4 Barriers to people coming to Jesus

  1. People. The bad attitudes and various issues of self-righteousness and judgmentalism of many church goers are well documented and a very real barrier for so many. The other side of it is the non-church people in a person’s life are also a barrier for a large number of folks. To help those far from God move into the life He has for them we need to make sure that we are not the barrier as much as possible. We can’t do much about others except pray and help a person talk and work through those things. We can, however, do plenty about what we do.
  2. Pain – emotional and physical – this causes lack of trust. When a person is hurting, they can easily become so focused on that pain and what they see as the cause that it consumes them. It is very difficult to get over the hurts and injuries of the emotions and heart. Many cannot move on in their lives past this. We can help people work through their pain and find a new perspective and the healing that comes in Christ. It often takes time and investment in them. It’s not easy nor for the faint of heart.
  3. Pride. This can work on both sides. The pride here is the one trying to be in control and do things their way. They think they can figure it out and handle whatever their life situation. It’s funny that we think we are in control of our lives when it can so easily and quickly fall apart without warning. A storm, a natural disaster, a phone call, a careless driver, a Dr’s visit can all change a person’s life in a moment and reveal the illusion of control. Recently Matt Chandler posted on Twitter, “When the illusion of control is gone, we become men and women of prayer.” There’s not much we can do about another person’s pride. We can just share the story of what God has done in and for us and how much real peace and assurance we have because we know He is in control.
  4. Perception. This is not the same as number one, though people are often the reason for perceptions that are out there. Wrong perceptions are also the results of a lack of knowledge and real experience. It’s easy to perceive the worst about someone you don’t know. It’s easy to be negative toward something you have no first hand experience with. When all we know of something is what has been presented by others, often with an agenda, there is no way we can see it correctly. The genuine life of a Christ follower who has been changed by His work in them is what can turn this perception around. We need to be more concerned with living lives to glorify God and follow His Word than promoting political agendas or style preferences as equal importance with love and compassion.

The only stumbling block between a person away from God and God should be Christ. The only conviction should come from the Holy Spirit. This is because only the Holy Spirit can draw a person and only Christ can save them.

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