Never Settle

I never stop evaluating and readjusting. It can drive people who work with me on projects crazy because I never consider it finished until afterward and even then… This may be why I haven’t written a book yet. I spend too much time editing it instead of just getting it written. Anyway, back on track.

I am readjusting some of my routines and habits. Recently it became clear that some things are not what they need to be in order to reach the next level, so changes must be made. I wrote down the things I am adjusting and goals that fit. It’s not all pleasant to go through and evaluate. It’s hard to admit the areas that I’ve settled. It takes effort to change. It must be done. If it’s not, then I am settling for where I am.

Settling will not work in following God’s path.

We can never settle. Jesus said that we must follow Him (Luke 9:23). He also said that he had no place to settle (Matthew 8:20).

We can never settle for where we are or what we have done. We can celebrate the victories and mourn the losses, but then we move on. Football teams do this each week. As soon as they settle for where they are, it’s over.

Before us is a new day, a new challenge, a new opportunity, a new lesson.

Let’s be aware today of what we need to adjust, learn, or ditch and make sure we never settle. Let’s press toward the goal.

There is too much at stake for us to settle where we are and not press forward.

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