The Power of the Opportunity

This morning, I was in two different conversation with two different friends about transitions they are each going through. Both of them are changing jobs. For one, it is the same career in a different place and means selling a house and moving his family. For the other, it is a completely new career direction, but doesn’t require him to move his family.

As we talked, they each told me of the nuances and ways these changes came about. The motives for the change are very different. The circumstances and ramifications are not the same. What is the same is that for each it is a brand new opportunity that recently presented itself.

We love new opportunities. The excitement, the rush, the joy, the newness, the possibilities are all very appealing. It’s why we try new things. Job hunting is a drag. Career planning is boring. But, present someone with a new opportunity, and the outlook changes. Sometimes, it’s just in the packaging. Sometimes, it’s about the substance. Always, it is the perception that this is something new and it is full of good potential.

When given a choice between a job and an opportunity, most will choose the opportunity. Why? Opportunity has power.

Just thinking through this a bit, but what if the church could be better at creating opportunities? How much of an impact would we make if we focused less on programs and fundraisers for those programs and more on opportunities for people to do something significant? I wonder if much of what we focus on and worry about wouldn’t just fall into place or become a non issue all together.

Again, just wondering aloud. What do you think?

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  1. Hmmmm, this is a very thought-provoking question: “what if the church could be better at creating opportunities?”

    I like this…

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