For whatever reason, listening is not an easy skill for most people. In conversation, too often we are more concerned with what we are going to say next than what the other person is saying right now.

As difficult as we find it is to listen to others, we find it that much more difficult to listen to God. There are just so many voices, distractions, and noise in our lives. Our schedules are packed and our minds filled with so many other things. This does not mean God is not speaking.

Sometimes we need to get alone and away from the distractions to focus on what God is saying and give time for our minds to clear everything else enough to hear Him. Then we must listen.

I did that today. I got away and focused on Him. It was His day to speak. He did. I listened.

This is something I do monthly. Dedicated time away to refresh and refocus. Break up the routine and do something different to give God a chance to speak.

Today it was while skiing. The quiet, the surroundings, all just what was needed. The whisper of the wind over the drifts, the rhythm of the skis across the snow, the crisp air, God’s still voice.

Next time it will be another place. Today it was on the side of a mountain (well large hill is as close as we get in central Ohio ☺).

What are some ways you focus to hear God’s voice?

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