One month down

January will officially be over in a couple of hours. We are well into this year now. We all know that time flies and it doesn’t get any slower as we move through life.

It would be easy in a blog post to focus on missed opportunities or broken resolutions at the end of this first month of 2010. We do need to look back and learn and adjust. We also should look ahead to plan and make the most of the opportunities there.

Today we (Capital City) held our annual meeting and banquet. This event is a report of the past and a look ahead.

With so much focus on the past and future, we cannot forget the present. The way we honor and learn from the lessons of the past and prepare best for tomorrow, is to live in the now. There is no substitute for giving our full attention to the moment, our best effort, our full energy.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Everywhere you go, there you are.” We have to choose to live that way.

What do you do to keep from missing the moment?

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