Nothing to do with Monopoly

Played Monopoly with my girls tonight. I have a love/hate relationship with that game. For one, it can be a really long game.

Anyway, it got me thinking about a couple of things. Not the normal money, materialism thing about Monopoly, though there are posts there I am sure.

As my girls laughed, I just thought about how great that sounds. Their laughter and joy fills my heart. Everything else faded away for that time and it was just us having fun. No emails, no networks, no tasks, no anything but spending time together and lots of laughter. Wonder if God enjoys our laughter as much as I enjoy my daughters’? Maybe more? Is it possible that church has made God too serious and somber. Yes, He is holy and we are to be reverent. But are reverence and fun exclusive? I think Jesus laughed a lot. I believe God laughs and desires to share our joys. After all, He did put in His Word that He wants our joy to be complete.

I also thought about those who have forgotten how to laugh. Whether from the pains of life, broken promises, and shattered expectations, or just from getting caught up in everything else, there are those who no longer seem to be able to laugh. How sad. Laughter boosts the spirit and energizes the body. It refreshes the mind, not unlike the rebooting of a computer. (Sorry, my nerdiness has to come out sometimes.)

I know there is time when laughter is not appropriate. There are many serious things we must each do and deal with daily. However, that is not everything or every moment of life.

May we each find the joys that exist within each day. May we unlearn the sour disposition of adulthood and laugh again like a child. May we have fun and even get a little silly sometimes. May we enjoy the presence of God. I think He enjoys it when we do.

What do you think?

P.S. Of course the photo isn’t from tonight, but it is one of my favorites of them laughing. It was taken on Emerald Isle, North Carolina this past August.

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