My Privilege

The stress of pastoring is well documented. The pressures and issues are real and at times overwhelming. It is also incredibly rewarding.

What a privilege it is to be able to watch God change lives and actually be used by Him in the process!

There are times when I get frustrated and even times where I can question the situation, however, something always brings me back to the reality of God’s grace in allowing me to do what I do.

Today, I saw again the redemptive work of God in a life; one who had walked away and even broken their parents’ hearts. God didn’t give up on them. Their parents didn’t give up. Now they are back, with a new (not renewed, brand new) passion and sense of purpose. Only God could do this work!

A few weeks back, this individual responded to God and surrendered to Him during a service I preached. I was there, I asked for hands to be raised, but I did NOT make the difference. It was the Spirit of God speaking to that person’s soul and mind. My privilege is not in what I did, but in being able to watch it happen.

What an incredible joy to get to do what I do!

Go ahead and share an example of God’s grace you have seen or experienced recently.

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