Random Friday

  • The moment a leader stops being transparent with their life is the moment things can begin to go wrong. Transparency is a great form of accountability. If a leader lives with nothing to hide its is very hard to be accused of having something to hide. Just a thought.
  • Loving the snow that is falling right now. Huge flakes. Absolutely beautiful. May find myself on a ski slope soon.
  • My daughter turns 11 this weekend! WHAT? Is that even possible?
  • Love what Seth had to say here about modern procrastination. Good, but also convicting.
  • I will have a full review of Seth’s book Linchpin very soon.
  • I have two other books I am reading that I will post a review for soon. Next week may be book week here at Shanehart.net
  • So much is wrong with these toys
  • In case you didn’t hear, there is a football game on Sunday. We’ll be watching it with some good food and lots of people. Go here for details.
  • This has not been my most productive week as far as writing and office work goes, but I have had some amazing conversations and meetings with people.
  • I’m really looking forward to a couple of things that are in the works right now. So much goes into the preparation and “backend” of events and initiatives, but when the time comes, it is all worth it. Right now we are fixing and creating some processes to have all the right things and people in place.
  • Told you this was random. 🙂
  • Posted about this on Twitter earlier today, but regardless of what you think about the product itself or the name iPad, there is no denying the buzz and publicity it has created. From a marketing standpoint that is a win.
  • Remember, God wants what is best for you more than you want what’s best for you.

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  1. Pastor,

    Speakin of Friday…

    Looks like I joined the UA Senior Citizen Gym for old people and beyond, just in the nick of time! Muscles on Thursday. Blizzard on Friday. Talk about the Lord’s perfect timing in the scheme of things!

    So, bring on the sno! My newly-found upper body dormant for so many years sittin in the back pew come Sunday mornings, is just achin to tackle every inch of those predicted 16-inch snoflakes. Count ’em one-by-one. Now, if I only had a snow shovel to give me a lift a little.

    It’s moments like this, I remember the golden age of comic books back in the 30’s. Seems the back cover of every edition of Superman was testimony to the “Charles Atlas” body building course advertising on the back cover. Ol Charlie promised, me, personally, “That beach bum of a brute would never kick sand in innocent Gar’s unsuspecting face ever again.” But just to be sure, like Clark Kent, I was prepared to avoid beaches the rest of my life! Hopefully, the UA Senior Center Gym will turn the tide forever more.

    If not, I still have Ceil, for 59 years, my girl Friday every day, come what may.

    There’s that Friday again. Or did you notice?

    Just wonderin as I wander in sno up to my old-fashioned, original equipment knee caps…

    Seniorously yours,


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