Save As

Anyone who has worked with computers for very long understands the value of autosave or at least knows to save their work at regular intervals. The first time I really learned this lesson was many years ago after losing three and a half hours of writing to a program error in Word®. After a long walk and I am sure a serious hissy fit, I had to try to recreate the work.

Since that time I have been a zealous fanatic about saving my work. I regularly tell others to save their work.

You guessed it, I got burned again today. After working on a graphic design with several layers and effects in Illustrator® for nearly 2 hours this morning, the program quit. I realized at that moment, I hadn’t even saved the file once. Talk about feeling like a moron! I hate wasted time! That is exactly what it became, because I had to redo the entire project. I checked the usual place to see if a temp file had been saved, but no such luck.

After a short walk and a very subdued hissy fit (my girls were nearby) I got back to work. You know what, I like the result of the second time around better than the first. Amazing what a clean slate can do sometimes. Although, I don’t recommend this method as a creative process. ☺ I am back to hitting the very familiar key stroke to save my files every few minutes.

Yes, this a perfect opportunity for a pithy little statement about how “Jesus saves” but I think I will pass. Instead, let’s end with this reminder, the little details and due diligence matter.

Am I the only one that blew it today by not taking care of a detail?

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