The most spiritual thing

When I was a teenager, my pastor was an incredible man of God. He pastored the same church for nearly 50 years. He impacted a community like few ever will. His generosity was amazing. He was also very wise.

Something I heard Brother Puckett say many times that has stuck with me is, “When you’re tired, the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep.”

So often, we over complicate things trying to make them spiritual. The above statement doesn’t sound or fell sprirtual. It sounds too practical. Maybe that’s the problem. We have separated the spiritual and the practical.

The Old Testament Law dealt almost entirely with practical matters. The teachings of Jesus were much more practical than they were intellectual arguments. In our day to day lives, the truly practical things are usually the most spiritual things we can do. Love our spouse by serving them. Protect and teach our children. Provide for our families. Meet the need of another. Reach out to those who are hurting. Show kindness to a stranger. Take care of our bodies.

Praying and reading the Bible are vital to our spiritual lives, but if we never do anything practical with what God has given us then we are missing out on His purposes. In fact, without action our faith is useless, dead according to James 1.

So, maybe instead of trying to appear spiritual with our knowledge and appearance, we need to just get in there and do. And when you get tired, sleep to gain the energy for the next task.

What do you think?

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