I am a big advocate of organization. Even as a youth pastor I had a detailed schedule for each service and event. However, that schedule is only a guide and can change at a moment’s notice. Today was one of those days.

After a great baptism and missionary guest, we entered back into musical praise. During the last song while I was gathering my thoughts to move into the message, the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to my heart to do something different. We went right into a response time. People were invited to step out and surrender to God and His plan. Almost immediately one, then another, followed by more came forward and started pouring out their hearts to God. Life change. Incredible!

Only God can do that. I can’t manipulate those times. No one can predict it. God steps in and changes things according to His sovereignty. Our part is to obey and follow along.

We had an agenda today. We followed God’s. His is always better.

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